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LeadX Entrepreneurship Management training Program

For Graduates (UG and PG)

LEMP- LeadX Entrepreneurship Management Program is a unique program of LeadX for graduates. It is a 1-year course which consists 90 days in house training and 9 months on the job learning ( OJL)

Why "LEMP"

Nowadays, we can see that the graduates and Postgraduates are facing difficulties to get into a job. Also, employers are lacking skilled manpower. Here LeadX comes up with a solution for both employers and job seekers. With our three months of house training and nine months on the job learning, students will be changed like what employers expect. What LeadX plans to do is, bridging the gap between employees and employers.

Structure of LEMP
  1. Initial training
  2. Mission 90 Days
  3. OJL
"Mission 90 Days"

Young Entrepreneurs

This a short-term course for the ones who want to start a business but do not know how to start a business

H R Consultancy (LeadX HR hub)

LeadX planned to work as a an institute which bridges the gap between employees and employers Also To identify candidates who can take on leadership goals and take on the organization to support them in expansion and diversification.

  1. The Main objective of LeadX Hr HUB is to reduce the employee turnover ratio.
  2. Recruiting the most eligible trained graduates for employers.
  3. Leadx also planned to work as a trusted third party for recruitment, training and development.
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