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Why LeadX


LeadX aims to deliver an extraordinary education system and to make people a vital and permanent contributor to society locally, nationally and globally

LeadX is an Institute which provide management and entrepreneurship vocational Training and mentoring by renowned trainers and life coaches also bridges the gap between employees and employers by providing 100 % placement for students in various domain.

We serving our service Students which include Graduates and postgraduates, and companies like existing and startups.

World Class

Resources and facilities

LeadX students have access to outstanding resources and facilities, including libraries, digital resources and on the job learning in MNC’S after the course.

Career and Alumni

A Student from LeadX can greatly enhance your skills and career prospects. What's more, you'll have access to outstanding careers support and advice for life, as well as exclusive resources and opportunities.


The LeadX Alumni community is a professional networking platform, designed to help students to connect with LeadX alumni all over the world. They can use the community to: access the knowledge expertise and connections of Our alumni's find and post jobs exclusively within the alumni community reconnect with other alumni share your expertise, offer advice and become a mentor.

Activities and Events

Activities are the main attraction of leadX we planned several activities and events to make students more effective and efficient

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