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"LeadX is unique initiative of BUZY 2050 Its an Institute which provide management and entrepreneurship vocational training program for Graduates and the Young entrepreneurs.LeadX is going to be a solution for the graduates and the entrepreneurs. "

Now a days corporates are facing difficulty to get skilled and qualified manpower, also the Graduates are facing lots of hazards like lack of experience, lack of required skill, when looking for a job here LeadX is coming up with a solution. What LeadX is going to do is we will train the graduates for doing the “RIGHT JOB”. After the course the will, be fit for any job, In short what LeadX is doing is bridges the gap between employees and employers.We guarantee 100% job placement after the successful completion of this training program also we offering to the Employers a self-motivated and proactive workforce for the appropriate job roles.

LeadX is going to work like, we collect the Job Titles and the required skills and qualities for the jobs Then we guide the students to identify their specialized areas. Then we will give a customized training to the students after that they will send to the companies for the On the Job Learning while the OJL the will be work in different domains so they can identify all the domains practically and they can choose their domain.

CEO's Message

The whole life of a student is like a journey, all he wants is to get an accurate job at the end of it, often he does not get a job as he intended. Sometimes, he does not even get a job. Who should we blame for? Is it the problem of unemployment?

No, there are plenty of jobs available but no suitable people. There are very talented people, but they do not recognize themselves. Here, LeadX comes up with a solution, what LeadX intends to do is to design an institute which bridges the gap between employees and employers. We are not just an HR consultancy, we also provide management and entrepreneurship vocational training programs to graduates and young entrepreneurs. The expected outcome of the course is that students will be capable of working in any desired area. So, we are inviting the brave heads to attain their goals through LeadX.


To build a renowned management institute which delivers foundational knowledge and, on the job, training creating future entrepreneurs and top management workforce


To create exceptional entrepreneurs and go getters who will help society in creating sustainable enterprises


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24*7 Wi-Fi campus

Air conditioned Classrooms

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